1. Do you think that copying is always theft or not – explain your reasons?

I personally don’t think that copying is theft. The definition of theft is; the action or crime of stealing. The most prominent word in that sentence being STEALING. We are not taking anything away from anyone, we aren’t stealing something like a car, which the owner would no longer poses. We are simply making a copy, one more of the original, which the creator/owner still has.

This video by filmmaker Nina Paley perfectly illustrates that copying is not theft.

2. Who was Aaron Swartz and what part has he played in the copyright debate?

Aaron Swartz was a computer programming genius and activist. He played an instrumental role in the fight for a free and open Internet and used technology to contest social, corporate and political injustices. Aaron believed everybody has the right to free and easy access of the world’s knowledge online, and that the corrupting influence of big money is causing fundamental imbalances in the modern world.


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