My ITC journey

My top three presentations, it’s a very close call. All were new and interesting topics I had never thought much into before! But a few stood out a wee bit more than the rest. Pauline Carson’s customer service presentation, Claire’s copyleft presentation and also Claires presentation on virtual environments, were the most eye opening for me.

Pauline’s workshop looked at how we communicate and create impact using verbal and non-verbal skills. It also looked at human behaviour and how others might view us. These were all topics I would never have connected to IT, and therefore had quite an eye opening effect in the way I view this profession. Copyleft was something I had never heard of. To learn about alternatives to copyright and to discuss the ethics behind copying and weather it is theft or rather just sharing was very interesting. Again Claires topic of virtual environments and what is real was rather new to me. I’d never head of augmented reality or anything along those lines or thought about virtual worlds until I began this course, so it was another very new and exciting topic.

For me the most exciting part about this course would have to be web design. Having always been interested in design and graphics, and growing up having wanting to be an interior designer, web design seems to be a way for me to follow down that path, kind of! Enjoying that class so much came as quite a surprise, for me I thought writing all of the html and css would be horrible and daunting. But as it turns out I love the fact that some random tags and phrases can be translated into a page for the web. So that is something I definitely want to take further and learn more about over the next few years.

The single most important thing I have learnt? I would sum it up in the sentence we have heard Craig tell us many a time. To the man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. To me this is telling us to be open minded and think outside the box. Do not get stuck in set ways and try to solve all problems in the same way you have solved all problems in the past. This is something that will now always be in my mind, and something I feel I can apply to many aspects of my life.


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