My Eighth Week at SQL Services

Thursday 27.04.2017

Today is my first day at SQL Services for the week! Between working Monday and Wednesday, and Anzac day on Tuesday, I’ve had a busy, non diagram related start to my week.

I brought my NMIT laptop in today, in order to start re-drawing my diagrams in Visio. This way, when I hear form Michael about getting Visio on my SQL Services account, I will already have the diagrams drawn and ready to convert to web drawings for SharePoint.

I also need to talk to Tim today, but he is on support, so said he might not get the chance. I do think I will need to come into the office tomorrow anyway, to make up some hours for the week. So hopefully that will also give me a chance to talk to Tim.

After having drawn some of my diagrams in Visio, rather than, I decided I’d had enough of diagrams for the minute so I decided to take a look at my report. I spent the remainder of the morning and most of the afternoon making a start on my report (something Adam said he was more than happy for me to do during my time in the office).

Thinking about my report structure is something that has actually been keeping me up at night. It really makes me question the work I have been doing and its relevance and how the technical report marker will receive what I have done (very scary thought). Is what I’ve done technical enough? Have I learnt enough? Has it pushed me or extended my abilities and knowledge? So many questions roll around in my head when I should be sleeping! However, this morning, while staring at a blank page in my notebook, I had an epiphany.

The structure of the ‘Findings’ section of my report will directly mirror the structure of the activities from my proposal. Duh! The activities there are essentially an exact set of stages to follow, or topics which need to be included. So, as of this morning this is how my report will be structured:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Placement Plan
  • Work Placement Schedule
  • Work Placement Avtivities
  1. Findings
  • Training and Induction Process
    • Introduction to key staff members and commence the DBA induction training programme
    • Setup of the VirtualBox training environment on an office supplied laptop
    • Installation of internally developed SQL Server monitoring toolset
  • Identification of Event types
    • Identification of the common event types that require process flows to be created
  • Shadowing Process
    • Review of the existing instructions for how a DBA should handle the identified event types
    • Work with selected DBAs to document the investigation steps that they carry out to supplement the existing instructions
    • Documentation of the step-by-step processes carried out to investigate the identified event types
    • Verify the step by step instructions by shadowing DBAs whilst they resolve key live alerts
  • Workflow mapping process
    • Create a process flow chart for each of the identified event types
  • SharePoint adaption process
    • Transfer approved instructions to SharePoint
  1. Placement Evaluation
  2. Conclusion
  3. References
  4. Appendices

By the end of the afternoon I have now written almost 3000 words in my report.. so still a long way to go!

With such a short week this week (only today) my hours are slowly accumulating. I have now spent 194 hours at SQL Services and will need to make up some time in the weeks to come!


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