My Ninth Week at SQL Services

Tuesday 02.05.2017

The entire day today was spent working on my report again. For some reason, I’m still stressing about it! Its time for an admissions here: Never have I ever started an assignment this far before the due date. I’m usually someone who works well under pressure, and believe the earliest I had previously started an assignment was a week before the due date. And I thought that was a pretty good achievement! It does feel good to have this report under control.

Leaving the office today I have completed a number of sections (for now) and am now nearing 7000 words!

Wednesday 03.05.2017

Today I was hoping to catch up with Tim, as I have a meeting with Adam tomorrow. So I was hoping to get his final input before showing Adam the last of my diagrams. However, he was rather busy again.

So, today was another day of working on my report, researching ideas about my poster and observing Neil working on Alert board 2 (after being kicked off board 3 by John).

I found some really interesting stuff online about poster design and content. The links provided by Clare on her PRJ blog were fantastic, they made reading about a reasonably dull topic fun and interesting. I would definitely suggest you check out this blog post. And also take a look at this poster, which I really like, even though I have no idea what its about! Too sciency for me.

I think that the poster mentioned is so effective and appeals to me for a number of reasons. First, it still follows standard poster creation conventions. It makes sufficient use of white space, has logical column layout and provides clear clues to the reader as to how they should travel through the poster. Another aspect which really appeals, is the fact that it’s still somewhat unconventional at the same time. This may sound like I’m contradicting myself, but this poster does have a bit more ‘flare’ than your standard conference poster, making it stand out in the crowd. Which is one of the main points, right? You want people to be drawn to you poster, and therefore be interested in what you may have to say. So well done to that guy, I think he has hit the nail on the head with his poster about geno and phenotype.

Thursday 04.05.2017

Another day here at SQL Services. Today I have my meeting with Adam, which I am somewhat worried about. I’m not 100% confident in my most recent diagrams, and do have concerns about the consistency between some of them. However, I know Adam isn’t here to judge, hes here to help. But still, we will see how it goes.

Once that meeting is done, and I make any required changes to the diagrams, it will be time to move on to the final stage of my project here!

So I had time to go over the last 10 Alerts with Tim, which was really helpful. He pointed out a few places where he would do things in a slightly different order, and places where he might take a different step to the others. So his input was great in order for me to recognise areas of variation between the DBAs. From here, it is just a matter of speaking with Adam and getting his opinion on which order he would prefer to have documented, or which step he feels is best practice. After meeting with Tim, I am feeling more confident going into the meeting with Adam. Thanks Tim!

The rest of the morning was spent getting all of my bits and pieces organised to take with me into the meeting with Adam this afternoon. Sooo many pieces of paper involved. A few touch-ups were made to diagrams along the way, and questions noted also.

After the meeting with Adam, there were some changes to be made, as expected. But other than that, the meeting went pretty well. Adam just wanted me to make the changes, and to then start thinking about uploading the diagrams to SharePoint.

Friday 05.05.2017

Today was spent finishing the changes to the diagrams which I did’t have time to complete yesterday before leaving the office. I also took the time to check all of my diagrams for correct spelling and wording etc. After that was complete, I had some time up my sleeve to work on my report and look further into poster design.

At the end of this week I have now spent 228 hours at SQL Services. So not long to go now!


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