My Eleventh and Final Week at SQL Services

Tuesday 16.05.2017

Tuesday was spent working on my report, as I have now completed the project set for me by Adam. There are a couple of sections I am struggling with, as there just isn’t as much to say about them. The two sections I have completed so far, Shadowing and Mapping have been relatively straight forward as that’s where the body of my work was done- I completed so much work in those sections! The others, which have me at a standstill are the induction/training, the alert prioritising and the section about SharePoint.

Wednesday 17.05.2017

Wednesday was spent at Briscoes as I got called in to cover a shift. Everyone seems to be sick at the moment, which means lots of extra hours for me!

Thursday 18.05.2017

Thursday was spent back in the office,  working on an array of tasks. I thought further into both my poster and report, while also sitting with a few of the DBAs and watching them work on a number of interesting problems.

Friday 19.05.2017

Friday, my final day at SQL Services!  I can’t believe that it has come by so fast! I have now almost completed my report, with only a few small sections left to work on. Very exciting stuff.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Adam at SQL Services for providing me with work placement, and also with endless support and guidance. I enjoyed my time at SQL Services and I have managed to gain some fantastic experience, extend my knowledge on databases, and so much more. I also need to say thanks to the DBAs who gave me so much of their time and knowledge – Tim, Rosie, Kathryn, Guy and Slade.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my work placement at SQL Services.


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