My Final Blog Post

So this is my very last project blog post. I’m finding it very hard to believe that I am at this stage already, and am very nervous about whats to come!

When I first attempted to complete my project, I was completely over whelmed by everything that I would need to complete. This second attempt, I knew I had to be more decisive and committed. But to be honest, I still had my reservations about completing everything in the necessary time frame and to a standard I would be happy with. At the time I was thinking “Am I going to be able to do this?” But here I am – Almost there!

With such a busy last couple of weeks taking on a lot of extra hours at Briscoes, I still have a way to go with my report. I’ve also been procrastinating since leaving SQL Services (Back to my old ways). I have a few worries about my appendices and a few other areas of my report, so will have to get in touch with Clare in regards to these. My poster is another aspect of my project yet to be completed… Hopefully this will all come together soon! Not long to go until the poster presentation evening now.


This week I am also planning on contacting and forwarding my report to a few people so that they could peer-review it. Hopefully they will be able to give me a few tips on different areas of my report which I could improve.

So far I am happy with what I have achieved – and not just in the last 6 months. Looking back over the last three years I am very happy with my accomplishments and cant wait to graduate and enter the ‘real world’.


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